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A painter Ivo Ševčík (1984) is living in a beautiful village Hukvaldy with his family. His interests are mystics, spiritual and philosophical literature, yoga, meditation, healthy food, personal growth and especially aware Life.

The beginnings of his production came around the year of 2000. During all his creative years he alternates with various art styles and techniques, from realistic painting to expressionism and abstraction. He paints by oil and acrylic colours on a canvas or sololite. Most frequent themes are natural, esoteric and symbolic motives, also mandalas, angel beings and pictures for children. Sometimes he creates a collage by computer graphics. Also many various reproductions are offered in different sizes.

Author holds regular exhibitions for his paintings and actual information about them are available at his web site.




He often represents radiating energy from his paintings, that acts as a healing and positive vibe, and it harmonizes surrounding. Ivo is inspired by nature and genuine love so he creates intuitive paintings, that can be even made to fit a certain person or a place.


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“I feel great JOY, your pictures are very imminent (to me), like they were – by their energy and radiating light – waking up life, power and harmony within people.  I love the definiteness about these kind of pictures, meaning that they are so clear with their message. Their infinity of Good and giving out mens to me caress and tuning up. It’s like the author has dissolved himself within the Universe and his art has landed here on the Earth, for us…Thank you! The very first time I had seen the originals in our esoteric bookshop Ritual was the experience I cannot even put to the words. It has to be experienced. But apart of this I recommend to see for example his tarot card deck or angels cards, that function very rigorously and unambiguously from the space. See our interview bellow”  :

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Hello, dear Ivo, your pictures filling one with wonderful feelings and light. I believe in their harmonising ability, that surely comes from your harmony with the Universe while you are painting. Is it possible to say, how have you learnt to be so attuned with your nature, and whether it has always been like that, or whether it’s an evolution?



Yes, I do paint when I’m attuned and in  harmony. All my production has an evolution. I paint since my childhood, but meditation, harmonizing and energetic pictures I paint only after recovering from a difficult illness. I have always been painting depending on what I experience in my life and how I feel.


What is your motivation? Why do you actually enjoy painting these pictures?




I have always been enjoying painting, because I enjoy it, it’s a joy for me and also a life journey. I like painting positive pictures, because I feel good while painting, they charge me with a positive energy, and I wish to forward this energy to other people.





Many good things in life come for free. Makes different when we do see them and appreciate them in our day to day life… Would you share what kind of free and natural aspects you appreciate in your life?





In my life I appreciate Life itself, the fact that I can BE… I enjoy going to nature, spending time with family, working together at our garden, going to a forest. I try to enjoy a present moment.



Thank you, Ivo Ševčík, for your time and sharing
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