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Psychologist, Constellationer

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” Path to me – leads to you “

The essence of what he is offering is said already in this logo subtitle. Going through studium of psychology and psychotherapy, practice in work and private psychology and personalising practise, further in regression therapy, and now days mainly in systemic family constellations, now Mgr. Pavel Vesely is intuitively and with an open heart working at the field of healing human soul.

“Path to me – leads to you”  Pavel says: “This comes from (not only) my experience, saying that recognition and self-acceptance a acceptance of everything belonging to us, is requirement for any further spiritual development; actually for aware life on the Earth.

Everything I’m going through, everything I’m offering has a common denominator: „Experiencing Reality in the Truth of a Present Moment“. This approach diffuses through individual therapies and through all seminars.

We, humen, often -although without awareness- run away from ourselves.  Only after accepting ourselves, comes naturally interconnection with others, with partner, children, family, friends, Life, Earth, …”


Here interesting Czech articles regarding seminars and actual topics.


Pavel, as many ´free spirits´:)  also creates poetically, some samples are to be find in our section of Poetics, more Pavel himself says here:

“Poems, are to me rhymed prayers. And here also nobly called love poetry – proving, that a woman is big inspiration for a man. And recently, also nobly called, parent poetry. Feelings and experience that is put into the rhymes, seems to me be more easily transmittable. Simultaneously it’s often about indirect statement or multi graded statement and the prayer is necessary to perceive between the lines, like in a Life. So it’s creating preserved indefinite space for recipient to resonate to various depths of words in the prayer. May it be benefitting to us …”



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“…I admire your ability to flow subtly with a  feminine principles on the wave of intuition and listening. You recognize quickly what is in every moment most important for clients and you adapt it to their specific individuality. I feel in that respect and esteem to other beings.

You are the first I see using double-effect constellational-psychological, meaning that even person sitting on the chair for the order, is given an opportunity to experience movement of Soul closer with a delegate, and that’s wonderful. You let the client to experience the feeling on his own skin, letting him feel that something is working, when he practically do it right now and honestly.  It gives a new dimension to a present moment (because the information field gets the news straight to ‘the hand’) and secondly it’s impossible to forget it! .. After such experience one surely knows what to do back home and easily keeps it in a memory for the ‘new rails’.

See our interview below”:


Hello, dear Pavel,
I perceive your work as rigorous and gentle. Rigorous, because you help people to become more genuine, as your logo says – “Path to me..”, rigorously you also help to honesty and not running away from ourselves, from our fears. And  gentle, because you help to open hearts, you flow in participation of your intuition, and you not judge anyone and anything. All of that you have learnt by many years of practice, and also by rigorous interest to explore and fully live your own mentality. Would you tell us please, what helps to you personally, when you get lost, path disappears, when is just running that process of rediscovering/birth of new ‘know how’ for your practice,  for yourself and then further for your clients? 


Nice and precisely said, Nel. Through the years as I tried to get from my ‘swirly stuff’ , I have gain many great experience, that I now offer to my clients. It were long and intensive years.  Of course I am not perfect and complete now, it happens time to time, that in some challenging situations I petrify and my stream stops. In such case I do what I advice to clients. I stay with whatever is happening, I observe my feelings, not running away from them, even if they are unpleasant. I talk to them. I am maximally honest to myself. I admit, truly admit, when for example someone upset me, when I got scared of something, when I didn’t know how to react, when I felt embarrassed etc. It’s amazing how the honesty to own processes releases and streams. Who haven’t experienced yet, will not understand.. 

This truthful approach to what is happening in our Life, is indeed teaching me and my wife in our relationship. When we touch one another by any means, we say it as soon as possible and we’re not waiting for it to bang sometime in the future. It brings lovely harmony between us and understanding.  


What is your main motivation and reason why are you doing the family constellations, why are you a psychologist?



I have attend the study of psychology after the revolution, when in our republic weren’t various possibilities for personal growth yet. I was drawn to mysterious human inner being. What I do now days doesn’t have much to do with classic psychology.

When I saw and experienced the constellations for the first time, I understood, that it’s something completely different than I had known from a school. And much more utilitarian. Constellations are common method for therapy or personal growth. They overhang this field lets say to a spiritual sphere. I dedicate myself to constellations, because they constantly evolves me and enrich me, and because I see how the clients benefit. Every lector brings his own approach to constellations, so it’s necessary to distinguish  the constellations and also the method the lector uses, and that’s a big variety of potentialities.



Many good things in life come for free. Makes different when we do see them and appreciate them in our day to day life… Would you share what kind of free and natural aspects you appreciate in your life?



In the present is on the first place our son. I am discovering, what can be only lived, as theoretic parent doesn’t exist. I experience appreciation, love, responsibility, and I remind myself not owning.

Also it’s a relationship with my wife. Todays is, tomorrow doesn’t have to be, we don’t know our future or future of our close ones.

So relationships – those true and deep one are quite rare.

As a boy I spent every weekend in the forest, often on the trees. Wonderful are for me natural scenery, that I see and hear in the town and out of it too.

And of course support from so called higher, non-physical sphere. Without this connection our life would look very differently.


Thank you, Pavel, for your time and sharing
/autumn 2016/



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