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(Meet Jo personally at the Josephine Wall’s Gallery (UK); we did and it’s ever remarking!)

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Josephine Wall is an English artist who specializes in mystical, surreal-like, fantasy paintings. Enchanting and detailed images cascade freely from her fertile imagination in an endless flow of ideas. The images created on canvas are so intricate and intertwined with colour and story that it can take many viewings of a completed work of art to see all that is built into the scenes.

bridge_hopeShe often strives to impart a message in her paintings, hoping to inspire in her audience a personal journey into the magical world of their own imagination. Fantasy gives her the opportunity to portray the world as she would like it to be.

Josephine uses acrylic paint, allowing her to paint quickly, creating many textured and colourful effects. She has been influenced and inspired by artists such as Arthur Rackham, the surrealism of Salvador Dali, and the romanticism of the Pre-Raphaelites, as well as the beauty of nature.

Her work has sustained many years of success worldwide. Her images have been published in nearly more forms than can be counted i.e.: prints, figurines, books, cards, puzzles, calendars, mugs, T-shirts…

“Why do artists nearly all have a great passion for, and appreciation of, Nature? I believe it is due to their sensitivity and ability to observe more closely and be open to act as a channel for the energy of Mother Earth”

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“As far as the light of fantasy goes, it’s possible to keep discovering the gentle art work of Josephine Wall. My little dream came true when I met Jo and her husband Bob at a spiritual festival, and later on regularly in their gallery in Dorset. I always felt welcomed, free to ask any questions or even watch Josephine painting a new magical story.

The messages she shares in every image are promoted by her whole being. These paintings are so positive that I absolutely believe in their healing power for every soul, consequently for Gaia’s soul.

Standing in front of the originals, I experienced an uplifting energy wave, powerful yet caressing. The very first portrait of Josephine’s that I ever saw was not by the chance called ‘Bridge of Hope’(the picture above), the hope for living at one with Nature. Thank you Josephine. See our interview below”:meeting-jo


Hi, Josephine and welcome to our creative site. I’d like to ask you few frequently asked questions that we can hear nowdays: What are your views on Nature and preservation?



Artists have been given a fabulous gift, but with it come great responsibilities. We have the chance to change the world by portraying images of how life could be and how it should be. No message is more powerful or has more impact than an image created by an artist driven by a desire to preserve all that is good in our world and to vanquish all that is against nature. Yet another theme dear to my heart is to include a message encouraging conservation, as I wish that mankind would do everything possible to protect our precious and beautiful planet, and heal the damage we have already inflicted.

My main concerns are pollution and de-forestation. I wish that man would no longer be ruled by greed, but just enjoy the simple things of life – most of which are free. We seem to be living in a throwaway world where skill and craftsmanship are undervalued. My Gaia paintings attempt to illustrate this feeling. “No More” and “Sadness of Gaia” portray the earth goddess protecting and repairing.


What are your favourite colours?



I have no set rules about colour as I am passionate about all colours and believe that any colours go together, whether they sit quietly alongside one another or resound or clash. I paint utterly by instinct and just have fun.

My palette is not unique. It is very haphazard! I like to paint spontaneously and often surprise myself with the results.

I do have many favourite colours which I am often drawn to, for instance all shades of lilac ( which I often mix myself) and golden ochre which is good for use as a wash to give an all over glow. The only colour that I never use is black. My dark hues are created by mixing for instance burnt umber (a lovely earth colour) with ultramarine blue. I also hardly ever use red. The nearest is burnt sienna or permanent rose.



Many good things in life come for free. Makes different when we do see them and appreciate them in our day to day life… Would you share what kind of free and natural aspects you appreciate in your life?



Beautiful Nature, Sunsets, Even tiniest flowers, Walking woods



Thank you, Jo for your time and sharing
/summer 2012/



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